May 29, 2018

Wisconsin Oven Corporation manufactured a custom electrically heated enhanced duty walk-in oven for an aerospace parts manufacturer. The industrial oven will be used for curing composites. The customer originally purchased one curing oven and prior to the completion of the order, they realized the need to process larger parts. Wisconsin Oven was able to customize the original oven by building a second oven onto it with a vertical lift door between them. The innovative design not only increased the original length of the composite curing oven to allow for processing of larger parts, it also provides the customer with the ability to run the ovens independently to accommodate a range of product sizes.

The maximum operating temperature of this composite curing oven is 500°F and the total work chamber dimensions are 10’0” W x 42’0” L X 6’0” H. This walk-in oven is designed with the capability to heat 1,000 pounds of steel and 200 pounds of a composite material from 70° to 270°F at 5°F per minute. The recirculation system features combination airflow which maximizes heating rates and temperature uniformity. Guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±10°F at 270°F was documented with a standard fifteen (15) point profile test conducted in an empty oven chamber under static operating conditions.

“At Wisconsin Oven, we pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations. In this case, our innovative design team did a great job coming up with a solution to increasing the length of the oven without a complete re-design of the original oven.”- Mark Schahczinski, Sales Engineer

Unique features of this composite curing oven include:

  • Vacuum piping components for composite curing application
  • Guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±10°F at 270°F
  • Tongue & groove panel assemblies featuring our patented high-efficiency panel seams
  • Programmable temperature controllers
  • Digital high limit controllers
  • Supervised installation by factory trained technicians



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